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Client Pneus Robert Bernard
of activity
Retail business (tires and mechanical components)
Mandate Performance diagnosis and improvement planning
Strategy Financial analysis of several sales points vis-à-vis competitors, and strategic planning to increase profitability.
Result Solidified financial structure, improvement plan shared by everyone and clear and achievable profitability targets.
Client Accent
of activity
Clothes labeling (design and distribution)
Mandate Growth planning and management coaching
Strategy Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, action plan for growth and management coaching.
Result 25% sales growth, improved management skills within the executive, international strategic reorientation.
Client Brocheuses Montréal
of activity
Distribution of power tools
Mandate Succession planning, management coaching, growth plan
Strategy Evaluation of management skills, strategic thinking, growth plan and executive coaching.
Result 15% growth in profit margin and 30% in revenues. Improved management skills. Improved efficiency of sales team. Streamlined transition to succession planning.
Client Le Groupe BBC
of activity
Residential construction
Mandate Strategic planning to diversify company
Strategy Synchronized shareholder vision, strategic thinking with key players.
Result 3-year strategic plan, with action plan and financial planning to add two activities to the company.