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Q. You are a strategic consultant. For what kind of mandate should we seek your services?

A. Profit growth, fusion-acquisition and restructuration are just a few examples. In fact, when entrepreneurs or business people no longer know how to achieve their objectives, they do not know what their business really needs. My mandate is to allow them to move forward in the direction they wish.

Q. Driving ambitions. Why do you define yourself this way?

A. When I meet an entrepreneur, I always begin by asking them what their ambitions are. A businessman or businesswoman always has objectives, reasons that made him or her decide to take risks and become decision-makers. Our relationship becomes the drive that will propel the organization and help them achieve their objectives.

Q. Does success result from the partnership between decision-makers and you?

A. In the Québec economy of today, human capital is the key to success. And, primarily, the business intelligence of entrepreneurs and decision-makers. My role as strategic advisor leads to a dynamic and effective business relationship that supports decision-makers in their projects.

Q. Do you have a reliable intervention system?

A. Yes. Diagnosis, action plan, change management, follow-up. All in a coaching style. The value that I add is essentially at the level of support. Coaching that is human as well as Cartesian, respectful of the person’s values, but without forgetting that people always ask for my help to change the way things are done. Moreover, I always remind myself that I am not the decision-maker, and that I do not own my clients’ businesses. When they work with me, they are the ones who succeed.

Q. Who are your clients?

A. Most of my clients are SMEs in the fields of services, distribution and manufacturing. What they have in common is a willingness to change and to perform better. Often, they identify opportunities but they need help adapting their organization. I coach them as they evolve. You can read a few testimonials.

Q. How long have you been a strategic advisor?

A. For over 20 years, in different organizations, particularly for the Business Development Bank of Canada. As Vice President for Eastern Canada, I was responsible for the strategic and operational management of activities in Québec and the Atlantic provinces. I honed my expertise in offering strategic counseling to SMEs during this period. Prior to that, I was Assistant General Manager and then President and CEO of the Québec Metro High Tech Park and General Manager of G.A.T.I.Q. Technorégion.

Q. Why did you launch Gestion SC?

A. To maximize the impact of my actions by reinforcing the human aspect of business relations. Good advice requires an excellent relationship between two people. Confidence is crucial. Acting as independent consultant allows me to build long-term confidence and relationships. That way, follow-ups become natural and the impact of the advice is part of a profitable continuity.

Q. What are your chief added values?

A. Awaken the entrepreneurial instinct. Create a climate that is conducive to change. Coach clients while obtaining concrete results