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Claude LaroseAs a consulting partner at the BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada), I have been working with Serge for many years. We have collaborated on a number of projects in businesses of all sizes in the service, manufacturing and distribution sectors.
His ability to quickly grasp and adapt to the challenges that management faces allows him to successfully work on projects to increase their profitability. Serge is goal-oriented and excels at managing implementation projects by the executive team.
Serge has also had a major impact on organizations by highlighting nonprofitability factors, while coming up with plans to improve their short- and long-term competitive positioning.
His expertise in business management allows him to effectively steer the different members of an organization toward a common goal.

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)Claude Larose
Consulting Partner
Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

David BrassardSerge Coulombe offered Groupe BBC support within the framework of a strategic plan that involved myself and two of my associates. We were concerned about the evolution of the residential construction sector, and wanted a plan that would allow us to diversify and remain profitable. This is exactly what Serge helped us do. By respecting the culture of our company, he easily steered us toward a common vision and concrete action. Thanks to his outstanding work, we now have a much clearer idea of where we are going. In addition to sharing his extensive management experience and sharp vision of the market, this high-level professional was able to ensure that our growth plan respected our culture as well as our financial and human capacities. Serge is not there to tell us what we want to hear, nor write a report that will gather dust on a shelf. Rather, he wants to help us develop our management skills so that our company performs better. Serge is one of those rare consultants who does not just say his clients are his priority: he means it. By remaining available, respectful and committed to his clients, Serge proves at every meeting that the people in front of him are those who count. We are convinced that Serge is a driver of success for our company, and we would not hesitate to use his services for future projects.

Le Groupe BBCDavid Brassard
Le Groupe BBC

Jocelyn BernardMr. Serge Coulombe has been working with us for two years now to identify opportunities for improvement and help us implement them. We were a little skeptical from the start, having little experience with consultants, but our skepticism quickly turned into satisfaction.
Thanks to his professionalism and vast business knowledge, Mr. Coulombe quickly understood what was at stake and proposed effective strategies to improve our results. A senior strategic consultant, Mr. Coulombe is an actionoriented person who proposes concrete solutions that take into account the needs and culture of our business.
n addition to being a skilled analyst, he offers excellent support and coaching. In every aspect of his services, Mr. Coulombe has always taken great care to share his knowledge and extensive experience to help our organization. Serge is a change agent, and it is without hesitation that we recommend him to all business managers wanting to improve their results.

Robert BernardJocelyn Bernard
Robert Bernard

Jean-François LavoieFor two years, Brocheuses Montréal had been looking, unsuccessfully, for a way to increase its sales volume in order to increase its return on investment. Having run out of ideas, we decided to seek help. That is why we called on Serge.
The mandate was to develop strategies to boost our company’s sales volume and ensure the business could be successfully handed over to the next generation. From the beginning, Serge let us know that if we wanted to succeed, we had to start from a solid base. He discovered our financial information was incorrect and advised us to put it in order. With Serge’s help, we planned our first budget and control measures. It was a revelation for us. More important, he taught us how to focus on profitability.
With his help and valuable advice, we developed a five-year growth strategy. At the end of this exercise, we had a clearer vision of the future and greater confidence in our ability to succeed. The impact of implementing these first actions of our plan were absolutely impressive:

  • Record sales
  • Increased profit margin
  • Useful and reliable financial information
  • Controlled expenses

As the results came in, we immediately asked Serge to continue helping us implement our strategies. With him as our strategist, we made an acquisition, increased our sales force and set up a management committee. Today, we face our future with confidence. Stimulating and strategic opportunities have been identified and they should support our growth over the next few years. All of this would probably not have been possible if Serge hadn’t crossed our path. He taught us how to fly and now we are ready to soar! On a personal level, I have evolved as a manager and feel ready to take over the company.
It is therefore without hesitation that I strongly recommend Serge Coulombe to those who need the help of a true professional who possesses an excellent vision of business.

Thank you, Serge!

Brocheuses MontréalJean-François Lavoie
Vice President
Brocheuses Montréal

David CeausuAfter being dissatisfied with the performance of my business given its potential, I met Serge two years ago in order to uncover the reasons and identify solutions for improvement.
Thanks to his professional manner and experience, I very quickly realized that Serge understood my business unlike any consultant I had ever met before.
Serge presented a clear and concise diagnosis to us in a very clear manner: the issues, their causes and their solutions. This first step gave me the momentum to change.
In addition to his excellent analytical capacity, Serge is a patient and inspiring guide and coach. At each step of our transformation over the past two years, he has offered advice that has been very useful and effective.
Serge is a high-level consultant we can rely on. Thanks to his professionalism and dedication, we turned stagnation into profitable growth.
I have already recommended Serge to colleagues and friends, and I would enthusiastically recommend Serge to any entrepreneur seeking to reach new heights.


Accent Labels Inc.David Ceausu
Accent Labels Inc.